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Social Media Marketing

If devised and used wisely, a social media marketing strategy can prove to be a great marketing tool and helps you to build brand, goodwill, loyalty and customer base with much ease. Some recent data only proves the need for an SMM strategy:

  • Over 500,000,000 active Facebook users
  • 1,500,000+ online companies with active Facebook fan pages
  • 156,000,000+ twitter users worldwide
  • 31% of twitter users follow an online brand
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google


However, the key to the success of a social marketing strategy is more than simply setting up the network and sitting back waiting for your fans to flock to your fan pages or follow your Twitter account.

This is where the need to hire a professional social marketing management company comes into play. At BIG THINK Web Creative, our sole focus is to provide customized social media marketing management services to help you to attract potential clients and enhance your online sales. We understand that you are busy running your business and quite possibly do not have the staff or resources to maintain a complex network of social media campaigns. Our team of professional SMM experts will provide you:

  • Competitive Research and Strategy
    We can perform an in-depth analysis for your brand including keyword research, determining how best to leverage your social media marketing campaign. Taking into account how and where your competition is currently active plays a large part in the overall social media strategy.
  • Campaign Creation and Strategy
    Our expert team will brainstorm and storyboard concepts applicable to your objectives. We will come up with an executable plan and strategy so your brand is exposed on multiple platforms.
  • Social Media Profile Creation
    Depending on the social media services you choose, we will create profiles, customize, and optimize to your specifications. Utilizing our successful tools we will determine the best social network your brand needs recognition within.
  • Monitoring
    We monitor and participate on each of your social media profiles regularly. From interacting with others in the community, to creating your profile as an authority, we offer full services. With monitoring tools and through advanced techniques our specialists are able to provide a valuable service for your brand.
  • Brand & Online Reputation Management
    Evaluating how your brand has been discussed in the past, in the present, and projections for the future is integral to not only online reputation management, but also to an effective social media marketing campaign. That’s why, using advanced search capabilities, we delve into the topics discussed regarding your brand by third parties prior to starting your campaign, throughout the campaign, and look to the future to strategize on molding your future brand advocates.
  • Corporate Ghost Writing
    As an informational source for your current clients as well as giving you the ability to build internal links, reputation for your brand, and authority for your site, Corporate Ghost Writing can provide you with all of the above. We’ll put together a strategy, set up your blog, help write the content each month to help alleviate the need for spending your internal resources.
  • Reporting and Statistics
    The success of your viral marketing campaign is important to us. We will report monthly on the statistics and figures achieved with regards to your marketing piece. You will receive detailed monthly reports on click through rates, traffic, backlinks and other analytics.


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